Atako warehouse, started out to work in the sector of bonded warehouses, aiming to reach high objectives with the concept of a “high quality, reliable and state of the art service” supported by the resources of a team of experts skilled in the sector, technical equipment and the combined location of Atako terminal area and the Atako fleet. Marked by good  physical conditions, high security and monitor systems, clean conditions and quality staff, Atako attains a level above the clients’ expectations.

  1. Supply chain management (loading/unloading, cargo admittance and quality control)
  2. Inventory reporting (inventory control by lot and serial number, FIFO, LIFO)
  3. Warehouse management schedule and tracking systems by way of RF handheld terminal.
  4. Value added storage services (packaging, barcoding, handling, assembly, mounting)

Management of returned product, consumables and wrapping