Atako Fleet closely follows the technological innovations while continuously improving its self-owned truck fleet, with which it provides service both inland and abroad.

After Mersin head office, İstanbul and İzmir branch offices, as of March 2017, Atako opened a branch office in İskenderun, which is a critical point in logistics and it strengthened its position in the land transportation sector by offering effective and quality solutions to its customers. It will continue to grow by sharing its achievements and gains in land transportation with its customers and will continue to add value to the sector through new projects.

“High quality, low-cost, outstanding service thanks to a high transportation capacity”

Atako, as a principle ensures “a reliable journey and an uninterrupted flow of information to its client”, which is the client’s main expectation in land transportation, has included in its range of services up-to-date technological innovations in this sector.

Atako Fleet, going on with its activities without making any concessions on the line it has aimed in this sector, successfully takes the client’s goods to the receiver reliably under any type of conditions.

Atako Fleet offers clients the luxury to meet their land transportation needs, bringing them together under the same roof with all the other logistic means, with the best solutions at a competitive rate.,